Producer, Director, Photographer, Editor: Erin Hudson

Erin's priority is to collaborate with communities and individuals to share stories rarely seen on the big screen.  She’s passionate about telling stories with depth, dignity and respect.  She enjoyed living and working in Hillsboro, New Mexico for seven months in 2007 to film In Place Out of Time.  Erin is from Albuquerque and in her spare time she likes to hunt for fossils and dance. Find out more about Erin’s work at www.rotationfilms.com.

Ben Wu  

Co-Editor: Ben Wu

Ben is a documentary filmmaker, and is passionate about seeking out the quirky, fascinating and often inspiring stories that exist in our world, often right underneath our very noses.  Originally from San Francisco, he currently resides in Brooklyn, where he rides his bike and eats Vietnamese sandwiches as often as possible.  Check out Ben’s work at www.benwufilms.com.



Production Assistance: Jan Haley

Jan lives in Hillsboro, New Mexico and is an old and dear friend of Embree Hale. She is a photographer, an aspiring bean grower, and enjoys lending a hand on local films.


Jeremy Moran  




Post-Production Intern: Jeremy Moran

Jeremy is currently a student at the College of Santa Fe and is extremely happy to call In Place Out of Time the first "real" movie he's ever worked on. A Houston, TX native, Jeremy has spent his life drawing, making animations, writing, and watching movies. His favorite filmmakers are Robert Altman, Luis Bunuel, and David Lynch. After finishing college, he plans to continue making movies.




Soundtrack Musicians: ECO, Electric Campfire Orchestra

Bassplayer Bill Bussmann picks up cans on the Hillsboro highway, percussionist Chris Wood talks to animals, fiddler Ruth Archer is bad luck, and guitarist DD Archer was adopted as a baby but given back to his parents after a few days!