Embree Hale



In Place Out of Time is a poetic portrait of a fourth generation New Mexican who sold his backhoe and picked up a camera in pursuit of a photographic quest.  Eight years ago, at the age of 65, Embree “Sonny” Hale had a spark of inspiration and started a quixotic journey to take a picture of every petroglyph and pictograph in New Mexico.  This film illustrates Hale’s day-to-day triumphs, challenges and survival strategies as he pursues his passion to capture and preserve the memory of ancient inscriptions on rock.


A true-life Western, In Place Out of Time is set in the stunning landscapes of New Mexico and captures the grit and gumption of a man who follows his heart and pursues his true life’s work. Ultimately, this film takes a gentle and multi-layered look at an individual’s eternal connection to community, landscape, and memory.


45 minutes, NTSC, Widescreen, Stereo




A New Mexico home grown project partially funded by The New Visions New Mexico Award.




Embree "Sonny" Hale
Embree photographing